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Permanent Make-Up

Permanent Make-Up

Experience the Ease of Effortless Beauty with Permanent Make-Up!

Discover the ultimate convenience and enhancement with our Permanent Makeup services. Imagine waking up each day with perfectly defined brows, captivating eyeliner, and a naturally flushed lip color.


Whether you’re seeking to define your eyebrows, add depth to your eyes, or enhance the allure of your lips, our permanent make-up treatments offer a tailored solution for your beauty needs.

The Benefits of Permanent Make-Up

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    Time-Saving: Permanent makeup eliminates the need for daily makeup application, saving you precious time in your daily routine.
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    Enhanced Features: It enhances your natural features creating the illusion of fuller brows, brighter eyes, and more pronounced lips.
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    Long-Lasting Results: Permanent makeup is designed to last for an extended period.
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    Natural Appearance: Skilled technicians use techniques that mimic natural hair strokes and contouring, ensuring that your permanent makeup looks subtle and authentic.

Why Choose Beauty Bless for your Permanent Make-Up

Our experienced staff possess an innate understanding of facial aesthetics, ensuring your Permanent Make-Up aligns seamlessly with your unique contours. And we believe in the power of personalization. We are thorough in our approach, focusing on your preferences and desires, so the final result reflects your distinct personality.
And using the latest industry advancements and highest quality pigments, we deliver unparalleled results that are vibrant and enduring.


Elevate your beauty to new heights – where every moment is an opportunity to shine. Book your consultation today and embark on a journey to embrace enduring beauty.

How much does Permanent Make-Up cost?

  • Custom Brow $500
  • Eyeline $350
  • Lip $600
  • Touch up $100/ within 6 months
    $150/ within a year

Permanent Make-Up Before and After

Frequently asked questions about Permanent Make-Up

Permanent make-up, also known as micropigmentation or cosmetic tattooing, is a cosmetic procedure that involves the application of pigments to the skin’s surface to enhance and define features. It’s designed to replicate the appearance of make-up, such as eyebrows, eyeliner, and lip color, in a semi-permanent or permanent manner.

Yes, our staff follow strict hygiene standards, ensuring a safe and comfortable procedure.

Yes, our skilled artists tailor the results to your unique features, achieving a naturally enhanced look.

Results typically last 1 to 5 years, depending on factors like skin type and aftercare.

We prioritize your comfort and use numbing agents to minimize discomfort during the procedure.